Making a positive difference

Through a series of experiences, the entrepreneur gains a greater understanding of their purpose and mission enabling them to transform their organization. It isn’t hard or complicated; you just add “determination” and “stick-to-it resolve” to the power we uncover. We are catalyst to ignite your fire. Regardless of where you start, we will help you create a respectful and honoring learning environment where you expand your knowledge and feel accountable for your own progress. Connecting Pathways provides you with the keys to powerful connections, personal discovery, and organizational purpose. Let’s make positive difference in the world!

Working with experts, entrepreneurs can achieve the same level of success as major corporations. Small business owners who work on their business with a team of specialists have a higher rate of success.

Surround yourself with the team that will lift you up and help you achieve more.

Martin Financial Resources Arlene Martin Daily Financial Resources for Entrepreneurs
Keno Consulting Beth Keno Leadership and Conflict Management Coach
The Quinn Co. Diana Quinn Your Leader in Human Resource Solutions
Pannell Advisory Group Claudia Pannell Budget Accountability for Small Businesses
The Vision Tree Joanne Osmond Establishing Business Pathways

Connecting Pathways with Visionary Entrepreneurs