eBooks and More….

eBooks are another tool to assist small business owners in growing and expanding their business. We write eBooks, Workbooks in PDF Format, and some of our books can be purchased as a paperback book (eBook is free with paperback version.) All of the books are designed to be easy implemented by a busy Small Business Owner.

Are You Ready? to Start your own Small Business  Are you ready to start your own content_3246906_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL6business? Before you take the leap, review the advantages and disadvantages of business ownership. What are the critical success factors that you need to focus on as you start your journey of self-employment? At the conclusion, you will know if you are ready to start a business now or if you need to prepare so you can in the future.

It is a small investment to assess if you a ready to start a business now, which will prevent costly mistakes in the future.

Small Business Planning Made Easy Do you need a business plan but don’t know where content_3899870_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL2to start? Every business needs a way to stay focused, on track for growth, and ready for the ever-changing business climate. Business Planning Made Easy is designed to remove the intimidation and build a workable plan in a systematic, step-by-step way. By the end of this course, you will have your own personal business plan that can be your roadmap for success. Create a business plan at home by taking this eight modules online course. Complete your outline as you go and in the end you will have a rough draft of your business plan! We make it easy. You may write your business plan in any order but the book and online modules are in the logical order that most small business owners use to write their plan. You can easily start a section of the plan, then return later to finish it.

Marketing for Success eBook Marketing your product or service can seem content_3859710_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL5overwhelming with the many choices available to you. What will work for you varies over time and is based on an every changing landscape which involves technology, economics, demographics, and other diverse internal and external factors. Build your plan based on sound advice and a clearer understanding of marketing terminology. We didn’t say it first, but it takes seven touches. Experience the power of having a marketing plan to guide you and protect you from unnecessary spending. It’s golden!

Small Business Strategic Planning  >Strategic Planning for Small Business introduces content_3874506_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL4processes that focus on the four strategic areas common to all small businesses: Operations, Marketing, Finance, and People. Using the STAR process, you can develop a one-page strategic plan and a one-page action plan that propels a business to higher levels of success. Join other small business owners to learn new processes and techniques that focus “on” your business.


Value Managed Relationships It does not always require money to increase production content_3874409_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL3levels and promote higher sales. Building successful relationships with employees, venders, and customers is vital to the success of an organization. Understanding the basics of relationship management is an inexpensive way to increase profits by working more efficiently and effectively.



You can go to Amazon.com for a complete listing of eBooks available.