Claudia Pannell

Claudia Pannell is a founding principle of Pannell Advisory Group, providing distinctive advisory services as a Master Budget Coach to small businesses, families, and individuals.

The Pannell Advisory Group services are faith-based and founded on sound financial principles. They work as accountability partners with their clients and guide those clients in the steps necessary to effect the positive change and financial success the client’s desire.ClaudiaPannellw

In their programs, financial success is individually defined, but always means living a debt-free life, no longer being “slave to the lender” and in control of financial resources. Whether in a lot of debt, little debt or debt-free, they are able to help with services that bring awareness on how to be the best consumer and how to manage, protect, and sustain financial wealth.

Small businesses benefit from their business counseling services. They provide growth expertise with specialties in strategic planning, zero-based budgeting and relationship building.

Claudia’s business expertise comes from management experience in corporate America and in being a small business owner. The Pannell Advisory Group works with business advisory boards with representatives from various industries to build a stronger local economic community.

Prior to Pannell Advisory Group, Claudia spent 15 years at Abbott in Dallas, Texas and Lake County, Illinois. While at Abbott, she served as a Computer Analyst, Project Leader, and Systems Manager. Additionally, she served as a corporate mentor and Officer of the IT Women’s Leadership Network. During her time at Abbott, she successfully honed her leadership skills and often served as a facilitator for strategic planning sessions.  Prior to her time at Abbott, Claudia spent a combined 10 years as a business professional for IBM, Kaiser Aluminum and as the owner of a retail lumber specialty company in North Texas. This provided her the foundation needed when addressing the ever-changing business environment.

After a successful career in IT Management, Claudia now coaches clients to achieve the same success in their chosen fields. She derives much pleasure in seeing others overcome barriers, face challenges in an affirmative manner, succeed in improving their organizations and living a passion filled life. This has led her to witness the positive growth of individuals as they achieve their own definition of success.

Claudia offers her clients a wide range of programs and services including workshops for team building, problem solving, project management and strategic planning. Most activities are designed for clients to identify problem areas of their organization, analyze potential solutions and develop manageable action plans that can be implemented to improve the situation.

Claudia specializes in coaching small groups of clients through the processes necessary to effect positive change and establish continuous improvement for their organizations. She utilizes a variety of tools and techniques based on the client’s environment and the time allowed.

Claudia is also a published author and co-author of several books available through  Additionally, Claudia is trained and certified through the University of Central Florida in Blended Learning.  As a result, she has co-authored, designed and published a certification program for Small Business Development Advisors and a variety of on-line business courses available on multiple Learning Management System platforms.

To contact Claudia Pannell please email