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We recently finished a Visioning Workshop, here is what one attendee said,

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to take the Visioning Workshop.  I feel like I have some good clear direction on how to move my businesses forward.  This has provided me with focus and I am feeling actually excited about where I can go from here.

Celeste B, Grayslake, Illinois

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Pokémon Etiquette courtesy of Connecting Pathways

1.       Don’t drive and catch

2.       Walk only with a designated walker

3.       Don’t share personal information with strangers

4.       Remember: Pokémon doesn’t go to school

5.       Pokémon needs rest every day; so do you

6.       Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings

7.       Walk; don’t run

8.       Have fun!

Our Business is Your Business

Our Business is Your Business

I totally failed my impromptu “Using Facebook for Business Class.” Well maybe I didn’t fail, but I tried to post a short description of our Connecting Pathways business on our Facebook page. On The Vision Tree page a popup asked me if I wanted to add a service which I did. How cool is that. So I wanted to do the same on the Connecting Pathways page. No cool popup popped. I searched and couldn’t find the same feature so I decided to post the description including a link to the website. I did it and hit publish and the post went away. Figuring I hit the wrong button, I tried again and poof it disappeared. I failed.

But I didn’t fail in posting from this blog to the Facebook page. But that was yesterday, I am trying it again. And oh by the way, here is what Claudia and I do and do very well.

Connecting Pathways provides accountability coaching for entrepreneurs. Using GoToMeeting we discover your purpose and develop strategies for your business including marketing, finance, HR, and operations so you thrive in today’s world.

Joanne Osmond | |

Small Business Success in Lake County

Small Business Success in Lake County

How do you take YOUR business to the next level? What resources are available to help you reach your goals? Small Business Success in Lake County answers questions small business owners have about meeting challenges that face all of us. Experts will share their experiences with you on May 5, 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Gurnee.

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Connecting Pathways clarified the strategic planning process and helped me to focus on those things that are most important for my business.  As a result, I am not wasting time chasing opportunities, but rather prioritizing their place in the bigger picture. Going through the program made me more aware of not necessarily looking for something new, but rather going back to opportunities I had previously tabled.   The project management tools that Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond created provide a logical path and easy implementation to getting tasks accomplished as planned. I suggest anyone wanting to put their business in high gear, seriously consider Connecting Pathways’ Dynamic Strategy program.

Elizabeth Ury
PrimeLife Care”

Create a Dynamic Strategic Plan

Create a Dynamic Strategic Plan

Small Businesses can create a dynamic strategic plan for $3000.

  • Online strategic planning program $3000, small business only
  • Minimal time commitment (2½ hours/week for 3 weeks plus 3 online accountability meetings)
  • Click here for pricing information.


  • Clarify organization’s values, vision, and mission
  • Define an organization’s purpose
  • Identify strategic priorities
  • Create a dynamic strategic plan
  • Develop action plans
  • Establish accountability


Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Connecting Pathways has defined and refined a strategic planning process for small businesses.

It utilizes process proven to work in corporations and  clarified them so they work exceptionally well in small businesses. You can be the STAR. Strategize – Target – Act – Reflect. A continual process to define your goals and strategy and improve performance.