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Connecting Pathways inspires, guides, and collaborates to hold leaders accountable for their sustainable strategic practices. We are Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond with 15 years of experience at a Small Business development Center. We know what makes businesses successful.

He will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths.   Isaiah 2:3

Connecting Pathways provides guidance to transform entrepreneurial organizations by igniting leadership and answering the question —“Why?” does the organization exist and defining the strategies to reach targeted objectives.

Components include: Clarify organization’s values, vision, and mission, Define an organization’s purpose, Identify strategic priorities, Create a dynamic strategic plan, Develop action plans, Establish accountability

I knew I needed help if I was going to stay in business. Going through the vision process and using the tools to continually guide me has not only kept my doors open but has grown my business three fold. I am finally in control of my own destiny and breathe easier every night because I know I am working on the right goals to move us forward.”

Scott Grundy,

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Build a Roadmap
Your core values are the foundation of your organization and from these values your vision for the organization is born. That vision builds your road to success in your mission statement. The mission statement in turn, can be crystalized into your purpose. Strategies are developed with goals, tactics, and results that guide you in achieving your purpose.