Connecting Pathways is based on the ancient principle that states when two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and help each other work toward a definite objective or purpose they absorb and magnify each other’s creative power anGlobal Connectionsd results.

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During the early 1900`s six men in Chicago formed a similar community. These men put Chicago on the map. When these six started their community, which later became known as the CHICAGO 6, none of them had any money. They met every Saturday at a local restaurant over dinner, and after a very few years each one was worth several millions of dollars (at a time when that was a lot of money!).

One was Charles Wrigley, who created the Wrigley`s Chewing Gum empire. Another was William Hertz, who built the Yellow Cab Company. Their businesses were started and succeeded with the great help of their Mastermind Alliance.

We believe that Connecting Pathways provides a safe place to share, network, learn, and grow. Connecting Pathways values respect, support, acceptance, and is intentional in its focus on business and personal growth of exceptional women.

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