About Us

About Us

Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond come from various disciplines providing a broad depth of knowledge and experience. Together they form a powerful team supporting entrepreneurs with a level of expertise often missing in advisories.

As Illinois Small Business Development Center advisors for over ten years, Joanne Osmond and Claudia Pannell helped hundreds of small business owners find their path to success. Offering one-on-one consulting targeted to small businesses and entrepreneurs, they are dedicated to providing the best advice and resources. They are trusted business partners offering expert advice on business plans and development, loan readiness, financial, marketing, and operations. They have facilitated a variety of business workshops to sharpen the entrepreneur’s skills and have developed their own courseware and workbooks for in-person classes before turning their focus to online training and counseling.

Joanne Osmond
Osmond received an undergraduate degree in education from Purdue University and an MBA from Webster. She is a small business owner, served twenty-five years as an elected official, managed a corporate help desk where she met Claudia Pannell, and serves as an officer on several local and state not-for-profit


and Claudia Pannell
Pannell holds an undergraduate degree in business and a MBA from the University of Dallas. She is the principle at Pannell Advisory Group. She has experience as an entrepreneur, manager at a fortune 100 company, and has severed on several not-or-profit boards.